What is Wabi Sabi House ? / わびさびハウスとは?

Enjoy Japan, Enjoy WabiSabi House !!

Japan is a place I really love.

In Japan, there are 4 beautiful seasons to enjoy, and each season has its own separate excitement.
The spring is known for the beautiful cherry blossoms, also known as sakura. Since the Sakura only bloom for 2 weeks, we try to enjoy as much fun in the form of "hanami" in the short period.

During the hot summer, there are several traditional ways to cool down. Using the stylish folding fans,
also known as "Sensu", and listening to the sound of the wind bell gives off a cooling comfort.
The view of the city filled with fresh greenery in this time of the year feels very refreshing.
People also wear colorful yukata, a traditional Japanese cloth to enjoy viewing fireworks and traditional Japanese summer festivals.

In the autumn, there are splendid choices of outdoor activities. The cooler climate is perfect for outdoor leisure, which also gives you a great appetite. The combination of fresh chest nuts, bamboo shoot, and rice creates a delicious plate. Green leaves start to transform into a beautiful red color that gives an artistic view to the eyes.

The winter brings limited snow, but also very many ways to enjoy the cold. Eating small tangerines called Mikan while sitting inside the heated Kotatsu is a very special feeling. A different type of hot pots brings together the family to the dinner table, with a very warm feeling to the heart.
With the clear atmosphere and the cool breeze, you can often view a magnificent sight of Mt. Fuji during this period of season.

But "just living" is not always satisfying. Do you ?
There are many different reasons why you live in Tokyo now, and it may be out of your best wishes to be here. Maybe the different culture and the new language barrier may lead you to dislike your environment.

Don't you think that is kind of a waste?

Wouldn't you rather enjoy your time in a foreign country, and enjoy the culture and life here? I believe that if people with the same idea come together, there can be many ways to elevate your fulfillment of living in Tokyo.

As a Japanese national, I can see that the younger generation of the Japanese have for some reason lost touch with the tradition and history of the country.
Compared to the natives of other countries, it seems as though the Japanese have lost interest, or in other words don't have the will to learn about their country.

Don't you think that is kind of a waste?

I find that this is very embarrassing, especially when foreigners seem to know more about Japan than us Japanese.
This is one of the reasons why we try to build a house like this one. We are hoping that you can enjoy your stay in Japan, and together, get to know the lost beauty of this country.

WabiSabi House, Inc.

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