About WabiSabi House


Trade Name Wabi Sabi House, Inc.
Representative Yasunobu Amano
Office location 【MAIN OFFICE】
1-29-13-407,Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Capital 1,000,000 yen
Our Banks Mizuho Bank
Established December, 2012
E-mail info@wabisabihouse.jp
Phone +81-80-4388-5777
Business lines
  • Shared housing operation
  • Shared housing produce
  • Hotel operation
  • Web contents planning & consulting
  • Interior coordinate
  • Real estate brokerage & management

Message from Representative

Wabi Sabi House wants to spread the share house in Japan.

Making my experience in the real estate business for foreign-affiliated companies, I launched "Wabi Sabi House" as the share house management and the total producing with the concept of international exchanges.

Here in Japan, we enter the super-aging society in the next twenty years, in which more than half of the population is in the senior generation. We need to do something for the hollowing of younger generation.

Through international exchanges in the share houses, Wabi Sabi House will break the exclusive and closed atmosphere deeply ingrained in Japanese DNA and will encourage the young foreign people to move within Japan, which will help younger people to boost their international culture.

Wabi Sabi House finds pleasure in watching for thousands of new things generated by the clashes between different values.

Therefore, Wabi Sabi House focuses to elaborate sophisticated residential spaces and thinks deeply about the construction methods and resident's styles of living in order to create happiness for the share mates.

We are addressing our management under the corporate mission of "making Japan truly international." We will continue an aggressive strategy for the future. Thank you so much for your understanding and assistance. We will live up to your expectations. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Representative Yasunobu Amano
Representative Yasunobu Amano Wabi Sabi House, Inc.

Representatives Biography

When Biography and Qualifications
November, 1969 Born in Saitama
April, 1990 Japan Designers Academy
- Graphic Design course
October, 2000 Century21 R.E.A.
- Sales of second hand condominiums broker
September, 2002 Century21 Sky Realty, Inc.
- Sales of Foreign department
January, 2005 Broker's license acquisition
- launched the Shear housing business
December, 2012 Established Wabi Sabi House,Inc.
July, 2014 Appointed board of directors of the Japan shared & guest house organization
(A general incorporated association)
March, 2017 To transfer the office at Creative Lounge MOV in Shibuya HIKARIE.
February,2023 "Wabi Sabi Hostel" for inbound opened in Sangenjaya.

・・●● To Owners ●●・・



Wabi Sabi House Co., Ltd. is a share house operator in Tokyo.

Over the last 10 years, a total of 8 share houses have been used by both Japanese and foreigners.

We have built a community with more than 1,000 residents.

In addition to share houses, vacation rentals for inbound tourists (private lodging),

The guest house has also expanded its operation and has welcomed a total of more than 2,000 guests in 10 houses over the past five years.

We have also operated a short-stay house.


Wabi Sabi House Mission (Philosophy)

We will expand the circle of "Wow!" Through the service.


Wabi Sabi House Vision (Mission)

Liven up internationalism in this country, from different values and cultures

We will create "UN KNOWN VALUE".





Wabi Sabi House recommends a co-living type share house.


Co-living is a fusion of three multi-attributes: live, stay, travel, and work.

We will model the further activation of the community.


Long-term community share house, short-term community guesthouse by travelers,

By designing a coworking space for cross-industry exchange in one building, a community with different colors can be created.

A new colorful community will be created every day by mixing and helping to get close to work and residence.


A share house specializing in youth culture, but co-living has created a multi-generational community

It will be nurtured.


Well, Co-Living has just started!

One stroke for the formation of this Japanese way of life and community in Tokyo with us,

Would you like to add some color?