Are rooms furnished ?

Yes, there's A/C, Bed with basic furniture (e.g.bookshelf,desk,chair,trash can, etc., may differ from room to room) You can pop in with a suitcase and kick-off life in Tokyo immediately.

What's included in the rent ?

We provide Internet Connection at no additional cost and also provide free life consumables as well as free cleaning assistance for common space by our staff. You don't have to go through the trouble of applying for these services. It needs a Utility expenses such as electricity, water & gas for 12,000 yen added on the rent for each month.

Is it possible to reserve a room from overseas ?

Availability can be checked on this web site or by simply contacting us by phone. After confirming vacancies, a reservation can be made by simply completing the contract fee and transferring 30.000 yen-50.000yen by wire. Payment for the first month's rent is not required until you come to Tokyo to sign up the lease agreement. Please contact us for further information on payment. (Please be reminded that any room or bed cannot be reserved without the initial fee)

How long is the minimum lease term ?

Our minimum lease term is just1 month. However, some of the houses are fixed as over 6 or 12 months.

I would like to take a look at the room. Can you arrange a viewing ?

Of-course, we encourage you to take a look first. Please contact us to arrange a viewing. It is not necessary to visit our office; simply contact us at the number below. If the room is not available, please visit our web site to check out the photos and VR. +81-80-4388-5777

Is it possible for 2 people to share 1 private room ?

Yes, up to 2 people to share 1 private room by paying additional rent 10,000yen.(the management fee needs each of you) In this case, we provide a furniture and bed for only one person.

Is my friend, girl friend / boyfriend or family can visit or stay overnight ?

Your family or friend can stay there. You need get an approval from the management company 1 week beforehand and we announce to all the share mates about it. A fee of 2,000 yen as a utility fee per night/person will be applicable.

Can my friend visit the house?

Yes they can as long as the time between 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.but no later than that time. And also please refrain to use for the business meeting.

Is there a age limit ?

Yes we do. We accept from 20 to 39 years old. People who are not in this range cannot start staying in our house. Also, we do not accept school student under 20.

Is there any Deposit, Key money, Agent fee as well as Renewal fee?

Basically, there is No key money, No Agent fee as well as No renewal fee. We ask you the contract fee 30.000 yen(or 50.000 yen) Re-contract handling charge 5.000 yen 〜 25.000 yen. Plus tax

Is there a house manager, who would clean up and manage garbage's ?

Cleaning, garbage management would be done by every tenant in the house week to week. We do assistant cleaning once or twice a week in common space.

Can I smoke cigarettes inside the house ?

Smoking is prohibited inside as well as outside of the house including balcony, parking & bike lot also on the roof top for a safety reasons. You also cannot smoke electric cigarette.

Is there a curfew ?

No, there isn't.

If I cancel a reservation, would the already paid money come back ?

In the event that you wish to cancel the reservation we regret that we cannot refund your initial payment

Can I send my luggage before move in ?

Sorry. Please take your luggage by yourself at the same time when you move in.

Can I finish a tenancy contract before the expiration date ? Are there any penalties for it ?

Yes, you can cancel the contract during the period. After 2 months from your moving out notice, (cancelation notice )you may terminate the contract. In the case it is urgent, you can move out shortly provided that you pay 1 month rent. *Cancellation within the period may result in a one-month penalty or you may have to convert your free rent. Please check the contract details.

What kind of documents do I need to sign the lease agreement ?

Please bring the following documents with you when you come to our house to sign the Lease agreement.

  • Valid Passport & Visa
  • 1st Month's rent(& contract fee if it is not paid yet)
  • Emergency contacts in Japan as well as your country.
  • Work places' information.
The copy of your passport and visa will be made for filling purposes only. Please understand that nobody would want to share a house with individuals who refuse to identify themselves. Rest assured that we will never disclose your personal information to a 3rd party. WabiSabi House reserves the right to refuse reservations from individuals whom we consider not suitable.

When is the monthly cut-off date ? When do I pay next month's rent ?

You should to precede your rent payment by 26th every month for the upcoming next month. Japanese banks are closed on Saturday, Sunday or any National holidays. If the 26th is bank closed days, please remit the rent before these days.(Need confirmed remittance by 26th) We do not accept delayed payments. Also you are responsible for the bank transfer fee. In the case you must use a guarantor company this will be an automatic debit transfer at 27th.

What is "Lease break inspection"? Is there anything I need to do beforehand ?

On your move-out day, our staff will come to your room and check its condition together with you. If everything is fine, then all the move-out procedures will be complete. (Only weekday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) Before we arrive, please pack up your belongings, dispose of any garbage, vacuum the floor, wash and dry the sheets, etc.

How much of the contract fee will be refunded when I move out ?

The contract fee is not a deposit. No refund at all. On the other hand, you need to cover the repair fee if you make any damage in your room and so on.

Can I enter my room again after check-out ?

During the check-out procedure we will collect the keys from you. Once completed you may not enter again.

What should I do if I broke something or caused a fire. Any Insurance available?

Wabi Sabi House join the new developed insurance by the “Japan Share Houses Organization” and “Sompo Japan” for residents. Residents do not have to pay any premium directly. It will be automatically applied when you move in. You can live here peaceful and safely.

Is there any Deposit, Key money, Agent fee as well as Renewal fee?

Basically, there is No key money, No Agent fee as well as No renewal fee. We ask you the contract fee 30.000 yen(or contract fee 50.000yen ) and Re-contract handling charge 5.000 yen 〜 25.000 yen. ( Depend on the lease term)