Concept and Features


Japan has a falling birthrate and an aging population, so the number of young people in Japan is decreasing. We want this generation, who are heading straight into this hollowed out society, to be enthusiastic! And from this came Wabi Sabi House.

Foreigners come and stay in Japan, fall in love with it and come back to stay for good. That's when our share house, Wabi Sabi House, will do everything we can to help!

We also want the Japanese who have enjoyed international exchange in that environment to go and live abroad and see Japan from outside, with a new perspective.

When you do so, somehow a whole new world opens up inside you. Your worldview changes completely. When you embrace that worldview and return to Japan, you find that it's completely natural for Japanese and foreigners to live together side by side.


The people who live in Wabi Sabi House come from all over the world. Of course they grew up in different places, they are male and female, of different generations and from different walks of life, and they all have different values!

Sometimes they clash and argue. But that's okay. As they clash, gradually new values are born.

In this way, fun and happiness are not just added like 1+1=2 but increase many times over.

No doubt about it!

That's how we are creating a one-stop place where you can travel around Japan and the world,

and we do everything we can to support this.

That is the Wabi Sabi House project.