1. Confirming vacant room status

Confirming vacant room status, inquire and request room viewing respect.Please check the room status on our website.
If you are interested in viewing the room: please send us your inquiry from room viewing request form.
If you have to make a reservation request without room viewing: please skip to procedure 3.
Minimum 6 month staying required.(Depends on each house. Some house are 1 year)

2. Room viewing

Our staff will meet up with you at the station on the day.
We will set the meet up time for room viewing. From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

3. Reservation request

Please send us filled out reservation form. We will contact you in 2 Business days after your reservation form submission. At the time, we will request you to submit a copy of your passport with your pictures on.
Guarantor is not necessary but we must have contact information of your family. Emergency Contact InformationThe purpose of using emergency contact information is to let your family knows if you get into an accident, have serious illness, or are missing. We may contact to your family member when we decide if it is necessary.
Late Payment when we always receive rent late and cannot reach you, we may also contact to your family member to collect rent by stating reason of doing it. Please give us your current updated contact information and pay rent on time.

4. Screening

Based on your application form and ID, we will carry out internal screening process. We will let you know the result within 3 business days. We do not disclosure our screening criteria. -Necessary ID-
(1) ID with your photo : such as passport, driving license.
(2) Employee ID, student ID, or health insurance ID.

5. Contract fee payment

After passing screening, please proceed contract fee payment to our bank account or using PayPal system. To make an account of PayPal, you need an E-mail address and a credit card with VISA and master Card etc. Payment methods available with PayPal for each country. Money transferring charge or PayPal fee would be your burden.
After we confirm your payment, your reservation would be finalized. If we cannot confirm payment within 3 days, we will cancel your application. In the case of cancellation before concluding a tenancy agreement, contract fee will not be refunded.

6. Initial fee break down

-Initial fee break down-
Contract fee 30.000 yen or 50.000 yen.  In the case you need a bedding set we are able to provide a Blanket, sheets, pillow (Bedding) as a lease. The fee for 1month 2,000 yen / 1 set.
Pro-rated first month rent.

7. Concluding Contract

After we receive and confirm your first month rent payment, tenancy contract would be concluded. We will send you the draft of the agreement by email so that you will be able to check the terms and conditions.

8. Move in

We will set the meet up for moving in. We will do the lease start inspection in your room and giving you the key of it and give you explanation how to use the facilities and house rules (from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)

9. Monthly rent payment

You are to proceed rent payment by 3 p.m. of 26th of every month for the upcoming next month. Japanese banks are closed on Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays. If the 26th is bank closed days, please remit money before these days. Or you can pay it by PayPal system as well. Money transferring charge or PayPal fee would be your burden. We do not accept delayed payments. When we always receive rent late and cannot reach you, we may contact to your family member to collect rent by stating reason of doing it. In the case using a guarantor company they are going to debit your rent at 27th of every month.

10. Cancelation notice for move out

You must give us 2 months notice for move out. Even if your move out is urgent, you must pay 2 month's rent.

11. Move out

Our staff and tenant must be done lease break inspections face to face. Lease break inspections could only be done between 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekday from Monday to Friday. Before we arrive, please pack up your belongings, dispose of any garbage, vacuum the floor, wash and dry the sheets, etc.,.
If we find breakage or dirt, we will have to charge restoration fee. Please return all keys. (Noting that you need to cover the whole sylinder key replacement if you loose your key)