Enjoy petit luxury! Make the best of your share life ♪






Room State Room Type Monthly Rent Utility&Management Fee Floor Space
01 ☆☆Available!! Private, Western style 85,000yen 12,000+5,000 yen 22.1㎡
02 Taken Private, Western style 75,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 10㎡
03 ☆☆Available!! Private, Western style 75,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 10㎡
04 Taken Private, Western style 70,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 8.1㎡
05 Taken Private, Western style 70,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 8.1㎡


  • Men and women Allowed
  • Contract fee 50,000 yen
  • Utility fee 12,000
  • Management fee 5,000 yen
  • Age limit
  • Min Contract 6 Months And Up
  • Re-contract handling fee 25,000 yen+ tax
  • 2 people surcharge 10,000 yen (+ Utility fee)
  • Passport(Foreigner)
  • VISA(Foreigner)
  • Emergency Contact(Foreigner)

  • TV
  • Kitchen
  • Fridge
  • LAN(Wi-fi)
  • Washing
  • Dryer
  • Shower
  • Bath
  • Toilet
  • Bicycle parking
  • Other

  • Key
  • Large Storage
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Cabinet
  • Closet
  • Bed
  • Curtains
  • A/C
  • Lights
  • Drying rack

  • Staff (Visits) 3 Per Week
  • Cleaning: 2 Per Week
  • No Smoking
  • No Pets
  • Sleepovers Allowed (Get Approval First)
  • Residents take turns with trash
  • Welcome party
  • Parties held on occasion
  • Other


Address 1F, 1-9-21, Fukasawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 158-0081, Japan
Train 1. 15 minute walk to Jiyugaoka station on Toyoko line.
Train 2. 15 minute walk to Kuhonbutsu station on Oimachi line.

About WabiSabi House OFF JIYUGAOKA

Wabisabi House OFF JIYUGAOKA is a small luxury social apartment
in Todoroki--just 6~7 minutes cycling from Jiyugaoka where close
to the Todoroki Valley the last nature of Tokyo.

The house is a little ways from the station.


that is why you won't be bothered by anyone there creating
a comfortable living environment.


If you turn into the road by the Kinokuniya super market on Meguro-doori,
there is a quiet residential area full of green.

It is small but stylish, and the fancy Tokyu Coach Bus runs actively
throughout the area.

Meguro-doori is a street of interior design, with countless shops
of the sort lined up.
You can walk to Komazawa Park in no time, and if you have a bicycle,
you can get from Komazawa to Jiyugaoka and enjoy the area to the fullest.


The building is a new designer building. It is a complex apartment
produced by 44 TUNE, which has a reputation for producing designer mansions
for renting out and share housing in high-class residential areas of Jonan.

Although it is the 1F and B1F that will be occupied for the share house,
the windows are big, bringing in a lot of light.

Residents who like or are into a mid-century modern design will be at bliss
here without a doubt.


Passing through a secret path, you can ride your bicycle right up to the entrance
and place it onto a rack. The house has a great sense of an adult hideaway.

There is a green lawn and a cherry blossom tree that you can see from
the living room.
It will definitely be a pleasant and relaxing sight for the residents in the springtime.


In a premium house in a premium neighborhood--there is a petit luxury.
Why not come and enjoy more of a grown-up share life?


◇◇Monthly Plan Released!!◇◇

For the business trip, For preparing study abroad, you can stay here by the monthly short term plan. Contact us for the detail!!