WabiSabi House JIYUGAOKA

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☆As a measure against coronavirus, the handle and switch are sterilized when we clean the house.

Wear a mask and thoroughly disinfect with alcohol when you are viewing!

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SE Area

Room State Room Type Monthly Rent Utility&Management Fee Floor Space
2F SE-1 Taken Private, Western style 87,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 9.5㎡
2F SE-2 Taken Private, Western style 92,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 11.3㎡
2F SE-3 ☆☆Available!! Private, Western style 85,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 10㎡
2F SE-4 ☆☆Available!! Private, Western style ❌️85,000 yen→75,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 10.8㎡
1F SE-5 Taken Private, Western style ❌️75,000 yen→60,000 yen!! 12,000+5,000 yen 8㎡

NE Area

Room State Room Type Monthly Rent Utility&Management Fee Floor Space
1F NE-1 ☆☆Available!! Private, Western style ❌️85,000yen→70,000Yen!! 12,000+5,000 yen 10.4㎡
1F NE-2 Taken Private, Western style 87,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 10.2㎡
1F NE-3 ☆☆Available!! Private, Western style 80,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 10.2㎡
1F NE-4 ☆☆Available!! Private, Western style 85,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 10.4㎡
2F NE-5 Taken Private, Western style 82,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 9㎡

SW Area

Room State Type Monthly Rent Utility&Management Fee Floor Space
1F SW-1 Taken Private, Western style 70,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 8.8㎡
1F SW-2 Taken Private, Western style 80,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 9.1㎡
1F SW-3 Taken Private, Western style 87,000yen 12,000+5,000 yen 9.2㎡
1F SW-4 ☆☆Available!! Private, Western style ❌️78,000yen→70,000yen!! 12,000+5,000 yen 9.4㎡

NW Area

Room State Room Type Monthly Rent Utility&Management Fee Floor Space
1F NW-1 Taken Private, Western style 80,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 8.2㎡
1F NW-2 ☆☆Available!! Private, Western style ❌️82,000 yen→70.000 yen!! 12,000+5,000 yen 8㎡
1F NW-3 Taken Private, Western style 83,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 9.3㎡
2F NW-4 Taken Private, Western style 82,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 9.3㎡
2F NW-5 Taken Private, Western style 79,000 yen 12,000+5,000 yen 8.3㎡
2F NW-6 ☆☆Available!! Private, Western style ❌️82,000 yen→65,000円!! 12,000+5,000 yen 8.3㎡


  • Men and women Allowed
  • Contract fee 50,000 yen
  • Utility fee 12,000 yen
  • Management Fee 5,000 yen
  • Age limit
  • Min Contract 12 Months And Up
  • Personal Identification(Japanese)
  • Registered Seal Certificate(Japanese)
  • Emergency Contact information
  • 22.000yen additional fee for 2people share
  • Fire insurance 6,360 yen for 2 years.
  • Passport(Foreigner)
  • VISA(Foreigner)

  • TV
  • DVD
  • Cable tv
  • System Kitchen
  • Island Kitchen
  • Water filter
  • Fridge
  • LAN(Wi-fi)
  • Washing
  • Dryer
  • Shower
  • Bath
  • Bidet
  • Bicycle parking
  • hammock
  • Home theater
  • Other

  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Cabinet
  • Closet
  • Bed
  • Curtains
  • A/C
  • Lights
  • Closet boxs
  • Mirror
  • Shoe closet
  • Umbrella hunger

  • Staff (Visits) 2 Per Week
  • Cleaning: 2 Per Week
  • No Smoking
  • No Pets
  • Sleepovers Allowed (Get approval First)
  • Residents take turns with trash
  • Welcome party
  • Parties held on occasion
  • House rules Stated


Address 6-5-4, Todoroki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 158-0082, Japan
Train 1. 10min from Jiyugaoka station on Tokyu-Toyoko line.
Train 2. 7min from Kuhonbutsu station on Tokyu-Oimachi line.

About WabiSabi House JIYUGAOKA

Jiyugaoka. As everyone people already knows, it is an area full of cafes,
miscellaneous goods and interior design stores.
It is a place that is studded with pure class.

'Wabisabi House Jiyugaoka' is located only 10 minutes walk away from Jiyugaoka station.
It is quietly nestled in front of a calm bus route.

Not too far, not too close.
The soothing sound of the stream in Nekojarashi Park next door can be faintly heard.

The architecture is from Designers New Construction.
The Jonan area of Setagaya is a top-class residential area.
Architectural genius, Naoki Sawaguchi managed the building of this fantastic designer building.
He is an established, first-class 44TUNE architect.
This second edition, inheriting Jiyugaoka's flow, is an apartment complex which
successfully combines a sharehouse with the average rental property.

The 4 community areas are surrounded by the wood-decked inner courtyard,
allowing the residents to freely move around as they please.
It has a fantastic compact style.


There is a workspace in the café area for using a computer, as well as a chalk wall (blackboard)
for communicating with other residents.
A projector can also be used on the western wall, providing a 150-inch screen! where
residents can enjoy movies or sport. It has a deep bass 5.1ch sound system.

Residents can enjoy preparing food around the centralized island kitchen unit in the kitchen area.
There is also plenty of storage space for food and condiments in each of the private rooms.
A party refrigerator is on hand for enjoying cold items while they are still cold.

The bright living area has a large window, as well as an inviting and relaxing sofa.
Residents can relax on the sofa to read a book, while basking in the sun shining in the window.
There is also a kitchen available in this area, too.
Most of the electrical appliances are of the German-made brand, Russell Hobbs.
The kitchen is complete with a blender, toaster, coffee machine, etc.

It is easy to relax in the 30-tatami mat spacious Japanese modern area.
You can stretch out or take a nap here as you please.
You cannot avoid the presence of the 50-inch TV here, equipped with a Bose home theater system.
It can broadcast around 60 channels, from local digital stations to Sky Perfect TV.

The centrally located courtyard has a number of hammocks and an open-air café table.
The wood-deck is conveniently located underneath the upper connecting passage,
so there is no concern about getting wet.


Five toilets are equipped with bidet functions, and three of the bathrooms have a bath tub.
Four of the shower booths have a rain shower! - something that is only usually seen in 5-star hotels!
Bath time is very relaxing and enjoyable here.

In contrast to the great communal areas, we also secure your privacy well.
Each room has its own mail box to secure your privacy and to ensure that no post goes astray.
The majority of rooms also have two entrances - an external entrance and an internal entrance.
Therefore, there isn't any need to pass through the communal area should you not wish to.
Each room also has its own shoe box and umbrella stand.

The furniture has all been carefully coordinated.
There is a Muji bonnell coil single bed and an IKEA closet full of storage space.
There are also Eames chairs, Series 7th chairs and Karimoku Hommage Desks,
depending on the room itself.
Each private room also has a 130-litre refrigerator, as well as curtains, air conditioning units,
and wall mirrors.


Residents can freely go to the communal areas when they feel socialable,
as well as freely go to their rooms when they want some privacy.
Enjoy a healthy balance with the other residents of the share house.

Jiyugaoka is very accessible. It only takes one train to get to Shibuya, Naka Meguro or Daikanyama. Futago Tamagawa is also only a 5 minute train ride away.
Residents can reach Yokohama Motomachi and China Town via a 30 minute journey on a single train.

There is a residents-only bicycle park towards the northern side of the building.
It only takes five minutes to get to Komazawa Park by bicycle.
What's more is that you only have to follow a single road.
Residents can also reach Todoroki Valley and Denen Chofu in a similar amount of time by bicycle.

How does it sound to you?

A premium house in a premium area full of luxury.
Why don't you stretch up and enjoy an adult share-house.

We handle inquiries on a first-come, first-served basis due to the sheer number.
Unfortunately, there are times when we cannot accept all inquiries.
Call now to book a viewing and avoid disappointment!