House Rule

Share House is not a Hotel !

It is your responsibility to make efforts for making comfortable living environment. Please do not rely too much about cleaning on house manager, and take care of your own mess.

Share House is not your own space !

Share House is designated for having a community life with your share mates, not with your friends from outside. WabiSabi House does not ban inviting friends during the permitted hours, but please act with maturity.

  1. You cannot walk in the house with your shoeson. Take off your shoes at the entrance. Shoes must be kept in the shoe closet or your own room.
  2. It is your responsibility to secure your valuables. Make sure do not leave your personal items at the community area, and lock up the door every time you go out. Wabi Sabi House will not take any responsibility for loss of your belongings.
  3. Clean up your own mess after you use common space. Dishes and pans must be washed and put back the shelf soon after you use.
  4. No smoking at all inside the building and its site. Fire hazards such as making fire, fireworks and BBQ in the house with out manager is prohibited.
  5. Turn off the light and A/C when you leave the common space.
  6. Take out your own trash from your room to collection point. Trash must be separated into some categories. (Combustible waste, recyclable resources, etc.) Refer to instruction issued by the word office carefully and follow the rules.
  7. You need to respect the other residents of your share house. We do not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse, such that any offends will be taken very seriously and will result in a warning, and may result in expulsion from our share house.
  8. If these rules are not followed, you will receive a warning, and if they are repeatedly ignored you will be asked to leave the share house.

Rooms and key

  1. We will give you a key for your private room. And we management keep a spare key, so please let us know in the case you lost the key. If you cannot find your key within a week, we will ask you to bear the cost of replace the lock and issue you with a new key.
  2. You cannot make duplicates of your keys, for any reason.
  3. Make sure that the door in your room is always locked.
  4. It is your responsibility to secure your valuables. We will not be held responsible at all for any damaged, lost or stolen items.
  5. Turn off the lights and the A/C when you go out.You can use all the equipment and appliances provided in the common space and in your private room. However, we may ask you to bear the cost if you break or lose items by mistake.
  6. You are responsible for cleaning your own room.
  7. In your private room, you have a responsibility replace the bulbs, cleaning A/C and so on.

Common space.

  1. Clean up your own mess after you use the common space, especially the kitchen, the dining area, toilets, shower rooms. You cannot put any of your belongings on the common space as well.
  2. Leave fans on all times in order to prevent mold in the shower room.
  3. When taking a shower, loose hair that has fallen out will choke the drain over time. Pick up your hair and throw it away yourself every time you take a shower.
  4. Refrain to use laundry equipment between 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
  5. Disconnection and reduced Internet connection speed may sometimes occur as a result of viruses or of downloading large files. In order to prevent these, it is prohibited to down load large files through the line provided by the House. And also make sure your PC has been up dated with the latest anti virus software.
  6. If any trouble arises regarding the Internet connection, it may take several days to investigate the cause and resume the network services. In this situation please be aware that we will not be able to respond to your following requests; a provision of an alternative service, and a discount of your rent.
  7. The Internet service provided by WabiSabi House is free of charge to the best of its service, and we will not guarantee the speed and stability of the connection. In the case you doing your business in your room as a SOHO and need a more powerful and stable line, we recommend you to set up your own internet line. However, some house are not accepted the individual line. Please consult us it before hand.

Prohibited matters

  1. To sublease the rooms you make a contract.
  2. To use a room for nonresidential purpose.(e.g. Storage, Business)
  3. To do business in the share house(SOHO would be fine)
  4. To disturb your neighbors by any kind of noise, (stereo, play instruments and invite many friends and be loud), stench, etc.
  5. To let non-residents visit you between 10:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m.
  6. To occupy common space and equipment / appliances to yourself for many hours.
  7. To possess or use petroleum and drugs.
  8. To keep pets in the share house.
  9. To bring and keep common equipment in your room without our permission.
  10. To do something against the House Rules and manner.
  11. To smoking inside the building and its site. and also fire hazards such as making fire, fireworks and BBQ in the house with out manager
  12. To do solicitation to religion, network business and so on.
  13. To do abandon the garbage duty without any permission.
  14. To do change furniture layout in the common space.


  1. The house manager will not take care of packages or registered mail sent to you. Arrange a date and time so that you receive them in person.
  2. When a party or assemble is held in the share house, Do not forget inform us in advance to prevent any trouble.